Samuel Summer Camp 2017 for ages 3-5 years

Samuel Summer Camp is all about exploration and fun.  We spend a lot of time outside in swimsuits playing in the sprinkler, building sandcastles, making bubbles, squirting shaving cream, and playing with our friends.  Inside there are creative art opportunities, dramatic play, games, toys and great story books to enjoy.

We have five (5), one-week camps that run four days a week, 9am – 12noon, with Cheese Pizza Lunch Bunch till 1:30pm on Wednesdays.    Spaces fill fast so sign up soon!

Cost:   $140/session or $680 for all 5 weeks ($20 savings)         $15/ Pizza Lunch Bunch

Information & Forms

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Things That Go

May 30- June 2 (Session 1)

Get your engines revving for a fun filled camp with planes, trains, automobiles and boats! A busy week is planned as we custom design our own license plates, create trains with various shapes and colors, and experiment how heavy our toy boats can get before they sink! Outside we’ll be working on our life size carwash as we scrub trikes and toy cars clean with shaving cream. So don’t hit the breaks – hit the gas…and join us!

Once Upon A Time

June 5 - June 8 (Session 2)
Monday - Thursday

Let your imaginations soar as we take a journey to a far off land to meet characters from folk and fairy tales. We’ll answer many questions as we travel through Magical Kingdoms. Will you be able to help Three Little Pigs build a safe house to keep the Big Bad Wolf out? When Goldilocks crept through the Three Bears house what did her big eyes see? Would you let a frog sit on your pillow? And what about these magic beans, will they grow? All of our stories come with a morning of fun activities and a happy ending.

Passport to Africa

June 12 - June 15 (Session 3)
Monday - Thursday

JAMBO! That is Swahili for hello. Join us as we explore Africa through the stories, We All Went On Safari and Mama Panya’s Pancakes. We will make African style jewelry and learn to count to 10 in Swahili. Elephants, hippos, and monkeys will roam the sensory table and lions will roar when we make our own snacks. Working clay with our fingers we’ll make a bowl that we hope will be magic. Creating a safari of animal art will be fun and you may even learn to balance a basket on your head!

A Camping We Will Go

June 19 - June 22 (Session 4)
Monday - Thursday

Have you ever slept in a tent, gone fishing, or paddled a canoe? Campers will have an action packed week playing in the rock river, catching magnet fish, and toasting marshmallows. Little explorers will use their binoculars and magnifying glasses to track animals and spot a bird. Of course no camping experience is complete without s’mores, and songs, and stories around the campfire. Come join the fun with A Camping We Will Go!

Art Explosion

June 26 - June 29 (Session 5)
Monday - Thursday

Be sure to wear your messy clothes for this fun week of art and exploration. Using all our senses we’ll explore lots of different types of art and materials. Our eyes will see the many colors we use to paint pictures and our noses will smell the scented markers used to create drawings. Our hands touch shaving cream and finger paints and ears listen to the snap of rubber bands as we create messy, fun artwork. The taste of berries will even be part of our art as we create our own paints from foods and nature. This camp is sure to fill up the refrigerator with beautiful and fun pieces of preschool art!